We believe the programme should produce an individual who is multi-skilled, and capable, across a range of assessor/coach and quality assurance activities.The following are examples of the range of educational qualifications that could be included in the programme:

Diploma in Learning and Development Level 4
  • Assess Competence in the Work Environment Level 3
  • Information Communication Technology (ICT) Level 2
  • Award in Education and Training Level 3
  • Safeguarding Level 1

Additionally Logistics Specific qualifications will be included such as:
  • IOSH – Managing Safety
  • Entry on to the NRI register o
  • DCPC Deliverer
  • FLT Instructor

The Assessor-Coach will be able to:
  • Plan coaching and assessment
  • Facilitate access to relevant, current information advice and guidance (IAG)
  • Apply or reference relevant initial and diagnostic assessment
  • Agree a program of development and assessment, setting realistic but challenging goals that  meet learners’ and employers’ needs
  • Liaise with employers, colleagues and others to support learners’ development

Deliver coaching support
  • Anticipate and overcome barriers to progress and inspire achievement, ensuring that learning is inclusive and supports diversity
  • Highlight learners’ mathematics and English needs, and signposts to appropriate support
  • Give timely feedback on progress towards mastery of relevant skills and knowledge
  • Provide access to pastoral support and guidance     K8   ways of supporting the learner’s well-being
  • Promote the safe and effective use of digital and mobile technologies to support learners and the
  • Agree and record targets and progress, complying with quality, confidentiality and data protection requirements

Assess learners    
  • Use effective listening, assertiveness and questioning to support learners’ to engage with their learning  plans and with assessment criteria and processes
  • Comply with awarding organisation requirements and local quality and safety guidelines

Support quality improvement
  • Support peer review and quality assurance procedures
  • Report concerns about quality and safeguarding through appropriate channels
  • Maintain the currency of their own knowledge and skills, with reference to workplace practice and feedback from others
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