Our apprenticeship provision is being delivered remotely with one to one coaching, teaching and learning sessions on a monthly basis . All pre-arranged coaching sessions will continue and be delivered by Zoom. Our online e-portfolio system facilitates access for learners and managers which is flexible and can be adapted to accommodate specific learning needs. All learners will require access to online learning, in compliance with our Code of Conduct, via a preferred device however, should this not be possible, we will be able to have telephone contact and send out paper based resources.


Our e-portfolio learning platform provides resources, learning activities and assignments supported by continuous feedback, assessment, information, advice and guidance from our Learning and Development Coaches. Learners are asked to produce and upload evidence onto our learning platform and examples include submission of product evidence, recorded professional discussions, written assignments, reflective journals and witness testimonies.


All new starts are engaged remotely by digital form capture with access to all coaching, teaching and learning sessions and resources on our e-portfolio learning platform. Our tutors and Functional Skills Specialist are also on hand for any additional support and guidance for learners to access.

For information regarding Apprenticeship timetabling:
t: +44 (0)1536 533696
Category C - Rigid vehicles (formerly HGV Class 2)
You can drive vehicles over 3,500kg
(with a trailer up to 750kg)

Training centres: Northamptonshire, Bedfordshire, Derbyshire


£40 per session (7hrs) if booking all 5 (35hrs) sessions£60 per session (7hrs) if booking 1-4 sessions
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